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Causes of Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Doctors aren’t completely sure what causes myfascial pain syndrome, but it can be triggered by a number of things such as injury, overworking muscles, skeletal abnormalities or any of these issues in conjunction with other disorders such as fibromyalgia and depression.

People who suffer from this syndrome often develop painful bumps under the skin called […]

Informative Myofascial Pain Video

Myofascial pain is caused by injury or damage to the fascia, the soft, stretchy connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, organs and other structures in the body. The syndrome causes chronic pain in the muscles throughout the body, especially in the neck and jaw. Watch this informative animation to learn more.


What is Myofascial Pain?

Myofascial pain is a type of chronic pain syndrome caused by injury or damage to the soft, connective tissue surrounding the muscles and organs. Myofascial pain creates sensitive areas in the muscles called “trigger points” that can create radiating pain throughout the muscle.

While the exact cause of myofascial pain is not completely understood, there […]