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Shingles is the same virus that causes chicken pox. For those who have contracted chicken pox, the virus will always be present in the body, although it may stay dormant. This virus may reappear later in life as shingles – and it can be very painful. Early characteristics of shingles can include itching, burning, tingling [...]

Chronic Pain and Emotional Health – How One Affects the Other

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Patients with chronic pain often find that it affects their psychological wellbeing. In fact, numerous studies have found a correlation between chronic pain and depression. In the same respect, a positive outlook can help improve pain relief. For instance, a person’s mood has been shown to affect pain threshold and tolerance. Additionally, the way a [...]

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant Trial Part 2

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When a spinal cord stimulation candidate completes a trial, he returns to the office for another evaluation with the pain physician to remove the leads and discuss whether the device was successful in dulling the patient’s pain. If the doctor and patient determine permanent implantation is appropriate, the procedure is performed under sedation or general [...]