spinal, column, back pain, back injury, back procedure, vertebrae, spine, discs, piedmont, pain The spinal column uses vertebral discs that pad the vertebral bones and allows one to bend and twist the spine. Vertebral discs can be injured by just the everyday wear and tear of aging or from the result of a traumatic injury.

Many issues first arise when fibers in the outer wall start to weaken and crack.  Radial tears can then form throughout the nerve fibers in the disc wall. The soft nucleus of the disc then pushes through to the disc wall’s outer edge. This triggers back pain at the disc level. As this pushing through the disc wall occurs, disc material can press alongside the large nerve roots. This can result in pain emitting down an individual’s leg or both legs.

Please watch this informative animation on our website for a better understanding of the complex nature of the spinal column and origination of back pain.