Dr. Wilson Discusses the mild Procedure

Dr. Wilson was the first in the Charlotte-Metro region to bring this new FDA approved procedure for lumbar spinal stenosis LSS). Developed by Vertos Medical, mild is the first therapeutic option to provide rapid and lasting pain relief from LSS, as well as significantly improving mobility without surgery.

Dr. Wilson, a board certified pain medicine physician and anesthesiologist, and medical director of Piedmont Interventional Pain Care, has always been very determined to bring new and effective interventional procedures to pain patients in the region. As the first in the southeast to implant a spinal cord stimulation system with a three-lead array, Dr. Wilson was pleased to accept the invitation by Vertos Medical to participate in its physicians training program.

Dr. Wilson said the mild procedure is important to aging patients who don’t have a surgical option otherwise and have reduction in function due to the LSS and pain and weakness in the back and legs. “Generally an interventional pain physician performs this procedure when other injections have failed to benefit the patient. It is safe, effective and can be performed in the operating room with local anesthesia and does not require a general anesthetic or a lengthy surgery,” he said.

Watch Dr. Wilson’s video discussing the mild Procedure