March Pain Management Talks

Pain Management Events This Month

The providers at Piedmont Interventional Pain Care participated in a couple of important pain management talks this month. They believe in the power of communication. Plus, they want to share the good news about the work they’re doing in the Carolinas.

Dr. Wilson Presents at Addiction Conference

On March 21st-22nd, Dr. Wilson presented at the Governor’s Institute 2019 Addiction Medicine Conference in Asheville, NC. His conference topic was “Pain Management: Non-Opioid, Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Approaches.” He discussed the current opioid crisis in North Carolina. He also talked about medication therapies (both opioid and non-opioid) and interventional and non-interventional therapies for chronic pain.

The relationship between the opioid crisis and pain management are topics of great interest to Dr. Wilson. He serves in several leadership roles in state and regional boards. These boards work to curb drug abuse and set higher standards of care for opioid medication therapy.

Dr. Wilson has served as a board member for The Pain Society of the Carolinas for seven years. He is the President-Elect of the organization as well as Government Advocacy Chair for the North Carolina division. He also serves as a committee member on the following boards: Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) Drug Abuse Advisory Committee (Professional Training), North Carolina Medical Board Opioid Task Force, North Carolina Medical Society Opioid Task Force, and North Carolina Industrial Commission’s Opioid Task Force.

Piedmont Interventional Pain Care Providers Speak at Spinal Cord Stimulation Workshop

On Saturday, March 9th, Dr. Robert Wilson and Physician Assistant Kris Watson presented at Boston Scientific’s “Spinal Cord Stimulation Pain Management Provider Workshop” in Charleston, SC. They discussed how to improve outcomes for spinal cord stimulation. They also talked about setting expectations for successful outcomes. Dr. Wilson and Mr. Watson perform this minimally invasive treatment frequently at Piedmont Interventional Pain Care. Spinal Cord Stimulation, also known as SCS, is a long-term option for chronic back pain relief. It uses low-voltage electrical current to block pain sensation. Use of SCS can help lower or eliminate the need for pain medications.

Watch here to see Dr. Wilson perform a trial spinal cord stimulation on a patient. Then, you’ll see how Dr. Wilson continually informs the patient about what this treatment can do. He also works to find the best placement for the trial run. Once the trial is successful, SCS may be implanted permanently for back pain relief.