Sympathetic Nerve Blocks

piedmont, interventional, pain, salisbury, mooresville, nerve, block, treatment, doctor, health, wilsonA sympathetic nerve block may be used to diagnose or treat a patient who suffers from chronic nerve-related pain, including pain associated with amputation, spasms in the blood vessels after frostbite, chronic tail bone pain (coccydynia), shingles, complex regional pain syndrome/reflex sympathetic dystrophy and Raynaud’s syndrome. The block contains an anesthetic solution that numbs painful nerves, and is usually injected somewhere along the spine, though the precise location depends on the location of the pain. The patient may be given a sedative and/or local anesthetic to ease any discomfort of the procedure.  Nerve blocks are most often performed under the guidance of fluoroscopy (x-ray) to effectively guide the needle to the problematic nerve.

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