Important Information for Patients of Piedmont Interventional Pain Care. You do have a choice for your medical care.

In this current medical climate, more often physician offices are bought out by hospital and corporate organizations. As a result, those physicians are encouraged to refer to other providers within the same hospital, corporate network or ownership model.

Piedmont Interventional Pain Care, however, remains a completely independent medical practice. Our medical director, Dr. Robert B. Wilson, II, believes that if his patients need a referral to another physician, the decision is based on what is best for the patient – and not based on remaining within the same network due to corporate pressure. He believes that patient outcomes and provider experience are paramount in delivering the highest level of care, and that patient choice should always remain in the hands of the patients.

For these reasons, Piedmont Interventional Pain Care will continue to remain an independent medical practice.

Dr. Wilson is the only physician in Salisbury who is residency and fellowship trained in both anesthesiology and pain medicine. He is double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Wilson is the President-Elect of the Pain Society of the Carolinas. He is a committee member of the Opioid Task Force of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the North Carolina Medical Board, the North Carolina Medical Society and the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Dr. Wilson takes his job and his duties very seriously regarding opioids and the dispensing of them and tirelessly works to combat the opioid crisis in our region. Additionally, Piedmont Interventional Pain Care established an onsite laboratory to save overall patient costs and obtain faster results for our screenings.

He also takes the needs of his patients into account for those that benefit from these opioid pain medications. Many physicians have stopped writing for pain medications because of current rules created by various medical boards and committees, as well as the North Carolina Legislators in Raleigh. We believe that these medications, when properly taken as prescribed, offer chronic pain patients relief. That is why it is imperative to have an experienced provider that can integrate proper use of medical management with interventional techniques for pain. And that is why our practice continues to write for those type of medications when others refuse to do so.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an established patient of Piedmont Interventional Pain Care, and you are referred to another physician that performs only interventional pain procedures, please understand that you cannot go for procedures at another physician’s office and plan to come back to our practice for pain medications. If you are told by another physician that you need to have an interventional pain procedure performed by someone other than Dr. Wilson, you can simply refuse and inform them that it will be performed by this office if you wish to continue here as a patient.

Every patient’s needs are different. Piedmont Interventional Pain Care provides interventional options for acute and chronic pain management with the goal of minimal or no medication. However, we treat patients with the philosophy of doing what it takes to improve one’s life from chronic pain. That includes the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures, comprehensive injection therapy, and opioid medications when needed.

Dr. Wilson feels it is not in your best interest to have physicians to perform procedures for your chronic pain, only then to tell you that the physician won’t write for pain medications when needed for your chronic pain. The providers of Piedmont Interventional Pain Care treat the whole patient – all of the time…not just part of the patient some of the time. We are proud to offer such a high standard of care and access to all the pain treatment options, all in one place.

Dr. Wilson, Kris and Megan are here to provide you with excellent service and continuity in comprehensive pain care. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can answer questions about your care.